Prophetess Cindy is a free spirited, youthful, fun and loving Life Strategist with a burden for frustrated destinies in the people of God. She guides across different spheres of one’s life from personal, to career and divine purpose. She is known for shining the light of God into a person’s inner being in pursuit of one’s greatness while exposing that which hinders that greatness. She will stop at nothing to bring out that which is truth and the truth that will liberate man. The light inside of her inner being exposes darkness that is forever at war to undermine the power of God and His perfect intentions for humanity. In her words; “until we become one with truth, life in all its different dimensions remains a series of incompetence, unhappiness and ultimately pain and lots of regrets”. She has a candid application of the word of God. Her bare it all approach allows others to pursue a life of truth, love and integrity as she is unashamed to use her life experiences as part of her teachings.

This stalwart of God has pangs too deep for Africa. Africa must be saved! The damage of colonization went too far and deep, and the Prophetess is sure that the war is more spiritual. But if Christ be for Africa, who can stand against her?

This woman of God wears a coat of many colours in that not only is she a Prophetess, but she is also a published author of four books, a recording artist, a life strategist, a brand developer, an entrepreneur and a mother. Cindy is also the founder of the 5000 foundation, a registered NPO aimed at the emancipation of children and women.

Cindy has also appeared on multiple radio programs and TV shows touching many lives.



Micromatica 384 [Pty] Ltd trading as LAK HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Founded by Cindy in 2000.

Our core business within HR is the realisation that mankind and mankind’s effectiveness does not necessarily lie only in their level of competence, but also lies in what is within themselves and within the purpose for which they were born. As part of or product offering therefore, we do not offer a blanket template to address people problems but our approach is very diagnostic. It allows and facilitates a process of digging to a point that one understands whether the challenge is at a personal level, at a team level or at a departmental level. We offer customised solutions that are specific to the problems identified through the process of listening and diagnosis. It is our belief as an organisation that what makes people to thrive in their areas of expertise, is when what they do and what they are skilled in is fully aligned to the dream or the passion that lies within themselves.

While there is competence, and all sorts of other skills-based training programs; our focus is ensuring that the hearts of employees are in the right place. WE ensure that when employees do what they do, it is out of passion and enjoyment and not just because there is a salary at the end of the day. We are able to do this via the offerings that are shown below:

Providing strategic Human Resources Best Practise Solutions;
Providing life strategies for development purposes with the emphasis on emotional intelligence;
Aligning Human Resources Development initiatives with a consolidated Career Development approach



Jehovah Reigns Worship Centre was founded by Prophetess Cindy in 2010. A ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Her ministerial journey began with her preaching to 40 empty chairs because she believed in Him who called her to fill up those chairs. Indeed, this was so. The mantle that is upon her life is surely for the body of Christ, to redeem the lost in all four corners of the world.



Isivumelwano covenant fund -was founded by Cindy in 2016 as a vehicle designed to create millionaires in God for the Kingdom of God. ICF was founded by Cindy In 2016 with a visiin of building millionaires out of the body of Christ. Cindy is an entrepreneur who believes in all possibilities.



HS is a trademark brand founded in 2012, specializing in textiles and crockery. The brand exudes elegance and excellence fit for Kings and Queens. Through HS, many lives have been empowered via it’s training centre; HS Training School trading under Micromatica 384 (Pty) Ltd.



This foundation was birthed out of the burden that Prophetess Cindy has for the underprivileged and the needy. She has a full knowledge that the poor are deep in the heart of God. Unless people’s physiological needs of food and shelter are met, many destinies will be lost. To a hungry person, there is no greater empowerment than a meal.

Knowing that the poor will not always reach out to her, she has over the years via her different businesses and ministry extended her hand to the fight against poverty and unemployment. The foundation was launched in 2017 to bring these initiatives together under the same umbrella. These initiatives include:

Ministry of Helps
Providing food parcels and shelter for the needy and destitute. A total of 25 families were taken care of through this initiative

Skills capacity building
The above is achieved via a sewing school accredited by and in partnership with FPM Seta. The school started operating in 2018 and has put 40 people through the program.

Bursary Fund
Paying for education giving people skills to earn a living while counselling and mentoring them in the process.

Isivumelwano Covenant Fund
Started in 2016 to provide financial assistance to start-up business that do not qualify for bank funding.


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