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14 Aug 2019

The WEB is not gender sensitive. It attacks and works with any MIND that is available for use. As stated in my last comment, the spider is always intentional when it builds the WEB. Given this “ingenuity” in skill in its building, the WEB loves and thrives with sharp minds. So smart people are quite attractive to the spider’s building elements. The building materials could be anything, including nothing. The WEB’s workshop is the mind.


The Web by Prophetess Cindy

14 Aug 2019

The spider not only builds its web with ingenuity, but it does so with an end goal in mind. None of the web's shape elements are without intention. So is the unseen spiritual web I want us think about!


Limitless by Prophetess Cindy

03 Jul 2019

As I pondered on what topic I wanted to journey with, in starting the "blogging" journey, I thought of LIMITLESS! I got excited because I realized that everyone wants to be their best and yet many are the hurdles along the way. These bring frustration, the wanting to give up and all the negative energy one can think of. And yet it is possible to experience a limitless, unending life of growth, blessedness, prosperity and an overall SHALOM!



FIT School with Sindisiwe@CIM - I was raped, i was violated

In this episode Sindisiwe speaks to Leilani Kuter and Christina Seimenis about rape and violation.

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM - Surviving Gender Based Violence

In this episode Sindisiwe talks to Miranda (Mimi) Lephoko the survivor of gender based violence who lived to tell the story.

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM -

In this episode Sindisiwe answers tough questions from children impacted by divorce, including her own daughter.

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM - Dynamics of Home Schooling

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM looks at the benefits of Some Schooling in reconstructing the fiber of our society.

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM - Spiritual Implications of Rape

Building on from 'I was raped, I was violated' episode, this week Sindisiwe looks at the spiritual implications of violation on the victim. She provides guidance on how these implications can be dealt with "Your spirit was not raped!"

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM - I was raped! - Next episode

Join Sindisiwe@CIM as she navigates through this pendamic. Thursday at 18:00

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM - away from home but perservered

In this episode Sindisiwe engages Senanelo Mdluli on his experience during lockdown. Key Points: I could have died in a foreign country Fear never to be reunited Anxiety Trust in the living God Faith I didn't know where to run Pain Turn to what works

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM - COVID-19 Impact on homes, children and businesses

In this episode Sindisiwe speaks to Yaya Xakaza and Zonke Gama about: 1. Repercussions of COVID-19 in South Africa 2. How a 10 year old survives COVID-19 impetuous, ruthless effects 3. South African organisations can still do better towards employees 4. COVID-19 retrenchments done electronically via e-mail 5. How SMMEs continue to feel the COVID-19 effects 6. Homes turned into offices 7. Lessons learnt

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM - COVID-19 Impact on Businesses

In this episode, Sindisiwe is joined by Cullem McKay the director of Optima Solutions to discuss the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on businesses and employees. What did businesses do to meet the needs to their employees?

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM Introduction

FIT Talk with Sindisiwe@CIM

Sindisiwe introduces FIT Talk show

My presence brings HIS PRESENCE - Introduction

Sindisiwe the Prophetess introduces her new book.

Woman; The Web

Prophetess Cindy Mabaso - A friend's Sunday

ABIDE by Prophetess Cindy Mabaso

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