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As I listen to the sermon, I wonder if you truly know the impact of your mantle. Do you know, your mantle has not only impacted me but by virtue of your impact on me, it impacts on all I am in contact with, even down to the patients I am seeing. Yes, we were in a period of pain, but ultimately, how irrelevant it is what other men of God do when you look at the line of such impact
Christina Seimenis

I would like to thank God for Prophetess Cindy because through her my life has changed.
Growing up, I was always an outcast; rejected to a point of giving up on God.
One day when Prophetess was ministering, she was hugging everyone in the service. When she came to me, I cried like a baby because I felt such love, hope and peace. It was a spiritual upliftment that made me feel alive again.
She gave me hope that no matter what had happened to me in the past, there was still Jesus.
She gave me a bursary to train as a nail technician without expecting anything back. Today I have a skill that makes me money to look after my child. I now believe I can be something in life and that God really does love me
Natasha Nondlazi

Prophetess Cindy has been such a blessing to my life. When I met her, I was unemployed and without any form of income. She first offered me employment and later encouraged me to start my own business and has through the fund assisted with funds to grow the business. She sponsored me with a Bursary to a school of nails, today I have my own hair and nail saloon.
In all of this she always encourages me to have faith in God and to pray. Through her I have come to know that there is no life outside believing in Jesus. She is a blessing to my life
Xolile Mdluli

I am a 30 year old mother of 3 children, I met Prophetess Cindy when I started coming to Jehovah Reigns Worship center at the beginning of 2016. Growing up I was always the’odd one out’ of all my mothers kids. My mother had been to so many traditional healers to get me help. Having dropped out of 3 universities, I was a mess, unemployed, a drug addict, an alcoholic and living a fast life and had been like that since 2008. I had given up on life and given my life to darkness.
In 2017 when I joined the sewing school run by Prophetess Cindy, I had a breakdown in class and needed a fix. I wanted to die and that lead to a conversation with Prophetess that changed my life.
What she saw in me was a child that needed love, whose children had no love because of my junky status. She took me under her wing, afforded us not only love but also a safe home for me and the children.
Today I have a qualification and a job, my kids go to a proper school and much happier and safer.
I bless God for her life, she is more than a Prophetess to me, she is my mother!
Kholofelo Letsoalo

I met Mam Cindy in 2018 through her training school where she teaches people business and sewing skills. I was deeply touched by her interest in the lives and wellbeing of the learners from the very first day. I fell in love with her personality, lifestyle, character and how she runs her business. She is a professional who is after quality and high standards.
Through her school I met my business partner with whom I have started a business that aims to take the clothing industry to another level. The school has equipped us with the tools to do pursue this dream and make it a reality
Emmanuel Kekana

When I joined HS Training school, I thought that it would just be like any other training where I would gain a qualification and gain knowledge of running my own business successfully. What I did not know was that I would meet this wonderful, God fearing woman who has become my mother, my teacher and mentor.
Being the older child at home with a my mother who was ill, I battled to attend classes because I needed to take on the responsibility of taking care of my mother. After sharing my challenge with Mam Cindy, she went beyond the call of duty in response. She encouraged me not to give up. She made it possible for me to continue with the course.
I am eternally grateful to have been touched by her in this special way. I am now equipped to face the business world and she continues to assist and to mentor me on my journey. My life will never be the same again and the impact of her intervention will benefit many generations after me. She planted a powerful seed that is now a big tree in my life
Nthabiseng Pitso

When I arrived in your life, I presented a perfect picture of a successful career woman. I had perfected the look that I thought would hide all my imperfections, brokenness and confusion. The light of God that you carry exposed the lie, and access to the brokenness that had been there for 35 years. Even though I had been totally blinded by my own lie, you continued to shine the light. You saw wounds that were so old that they defined who I was. I was a walking wound that had learnt to be. You saw past the high heels and make up and empty smiles. You reached out to a place that no other could. You pointed me to the healer, Jesus.
When I did finally break, you pointed me to the greatness that lies within me in Christ and dragged me kicking and screaming to a place of healing so that I could become that which God created me to be.
The silent failures that began to dictate a life that was lesser than who I was had become me but you taught me that I was not my failures. I AM who God said I am.
Today I walk in boldness and surety of who I am to Christ because you preached the Gospel to me in word and in deed. You led me by example. The world is full of broken people who have silently given up but remain in their suits and high heels hiding the wounds that have defined them. Many have silently given up and are just living. I do pray that God extends your reach to the Many billion souls that need the liberation that you led me to.
You are dearly loved an appreciated.
Andile Ndlovu

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