This foundation was birthed out of the burden that Prophetess Cindy has for the underprivileged and the needy. She has a full knowledge that the poor are deep in the heart of God. Unless people’s physiological needs of food and shelter are met, many destinies will be lost. To a hungry person, there is no greater empowerment than a meal.

Knowing that the poor will not always reach out to her, she has over the years via her different businesses and ministry extended her hand to the fight against poverty and unemployment. The foundation was launched in 2017 to bring these initiatives together under the same umbrella. These initiatives include:

Ministry of Helps
Providing food parcels and shelter for the needy and destitute. A total of 25 families were taken care of through this initiative

Skills capacity building
The above is achieved via a sewing school accredited by and in partnership with FPM Seta. The school started operating in 2018 and has put 40 people through the program.

Bursary Fund
Paying for education giving people skills to earn a living while counselling and mentoring them in the process.

Isivumelwano Covenant Fund
Started in 2016 to provide financial assistance to start-up business that do not qualify for bank funding.

Partner with the 5000 foundation

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